Solid wood tongue & groove

Tongue and groove boards for walls and ceilings

Austin Texas' most trusted supplier of tongue and groove boards. We source a wide variety of planks in various grades, widths, and of course woods! There's nothing quite like the look of tongue and groove (T&G) to add rich texture, creating a cozy feel in even the most modernist spaces.

A timeless look for both modern and rustic builds.

Cedar Tongue & Groove Ceilings

Western Red Cedar Tongue & Groove is loved for its good looks and versatility. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, each method giving a distinctly different look. Tongue & groove siding is available with rough or smooth faces, in both seasoned (kiln-dried) and unseasoned (green) sidings.

Various Grades & Finishes

Tongue and groove plants (T&G) are available in a range of styles, wood materials, and finishes. Knotty cedar tongue and groove is a popular Austin option for that Hill Country vibe.

Knotty vs Clear T&G

Clear cedar T&G is virtually free from knots, providing a very refined look. Tight knot cedar T&G features closed knots, giving the planks a more rustic feel. Both are great options for any ceiling or wall.

Tongue and groove ceilings and walls are a timeless look that will add interest, texture, and warmth to just about any design style. We sell T&G in a range of woods, finishes, and price points.

Southwest Trading Post is a locally-owned mill and lumber supplier that has been a trusted source for T&G planks for decades. Stop in for top-notch personalized service and competitive pricing.

T&G planks for ceilings and walls

We provide a wide assortment of tongue and groove planking including cedar, pine, oak, and more!

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