Custom River Tables

Beautiful & Unique River Tables

Few furniture pieces make a statement like a custom river tables. These hand-made, one-of-a-kind tables are created by filling the natural voids left from burls and other wood aberrations with an epoxy resin. Each piece of wood is unique and can be filled with various colors to create a stunning piece that you will enjoy gazing at for longer than is probably healthy.

Get the conversation flowing with a custom river table!

A unique statement

We specialize in find woodworking and wood slab procurement. Every table we produce is a unique creation built to last a lifetime. Come peruse our assortment of wood slabs and find a piece that speaks to you.

Choose your slab and resin color

We'll work with you to choose a slab and color that will produce a true work of art that is sure to be a conversation piece. Resin can be applied in a wide range of colors from cool blues to warm reds and beyond.

River Tables Large & Small

Whether you need a large conference room river table, or just a small entry or accent table, we up for the job. Our woodworkers craft river tables from a large variety of slabs in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Stop by today to see our selection of slabs and chat with us about creating a custom river table for your room.