Southwest Trading Post sawmill can custom lumber from a wide variety of hardwood logs and antique timbers. This allows you to achieve unique patterns such as spolting, bookmatched, quarter sawn or random grades all cut from the same tree for consistent tones.

The most popular woods we stock are Mesquite, Pecan, Red Cedar, Longleaf Pine and antique Fir. Our Mesquite logs come from lower lying areas along the San Antonio River, but there are several varieties of large Mesquite found near Mason throughout North Texas. Pecan logs can be found easily on creek or river bottoms around Central Texas. Red Cedar can be cut from Bastrop throughout East Texas. Antique Pine and Fir can be acquired by tearing down old building or structures built in the 1800s or early 1900s.

All of our lumber is kiln dried ready for use by furniture craftsmen or cabinet makers. Our prices vary depending on grade and dimension. Call us with material list and description of grade lumber desired for a quote.